12 Day Summary

_MG_0122Photo: Robert Paraniak

Been on the road for 12 days now and thought I would summarize a few things so far.
I have covered 364 km which averages out to about 30 km a day even when I count yesterdays “rest” day. A higher average than I expected but then I have walked more km and yet not got any further on the map than expected. Makes me wonder what the total distance will be by the time I get to Sydney!
By this stage during the-test walk, I was suffering intensely from blisters and even skin splits, yet so far I don’t have a single blister. This is all due to me using fivefinger barefoot shoes and corresponding toe socks. They really are the most comfortable shoes I have ever used and the only thing against them is that prolonged walking still makes the soles of my feet sore. I hope to toughen up enough so that even that problem goes away before too long. In fact the only time I have felt the slight tingle of a beginning blister, was when I used my sandals for about 10 km one day. The sandals are a great backup to the fivefinger due to the fact that they have a thicker sole, a nice cushion if the underside of my feet cry “too much!”
The Mule II is working perfectly although I still have to much stuff… Will have to have a sit down after another week or two and go through everything again. By that time I should have an even better idea about what really is needed.
Meeting a lot of people, both old friends and new acquaintances. The Mule is an excellent icebreaker, most people wonder what I am doing walking along with my little cart.
The photography has been a bit slow though. I have taken a fair few shots but can’t say that I have been all that inspired or managed to capture anything very exciting. Think I am very much still getting into the grove and have not yet relaxed enough. Hopefully inspiration will strike me (which may happen as there are thunderstorms forecast today).
All things considered, I am having a great time, even the weather has been good. One half day of rain and one slightly colder day, apart from that mainly sunshine and blue skies.
Heading slightly inland today as I start to angle my way towards Vimmerby and, unfortunately, it looks like there might be a bit of rain today.
Time will tell..