Ängra (Day 13)

Forgot to mention it  earlier but I am now, since about 2 days, more than halfway to Åre. It’s now more impressive to say that I have walked from Stockholm than to say that I am on the way to Åre!


Some statistics:

total distance:   487km

total calories:    39057

average speed:   4,87km/h

average walk time:   7:41:30 per day

average distance:      37,47km per day

Started out nice and easy from Färila and was enjoying the weather. Rain had been threatened but not showed up (yet).

Not far from town I was stopped for some photographs and an interview for the local paper, Ljusdalsposten. Be interesting to see what they write tomorrow..

One of the questions was how my friends and relatives had reacted to my idea of walking to Sydney. Hard to explain that the people that know me weren’t all that surprised, they already know I am crazy, and just sort of shrugged their shoulders and said ok.

Along a lonely section of road I spotted a memorial stone, can’t help but wonder what the story behind it is.

The sections are getting lonelier and its further and further between houses, the earphones are starting to be used more often. Spent most of today listening to Finding Ultra, by Rich Roll.

The day ended at Ängra Fishing Camp, a beautiful old farm that is owned by a dutch couple and is drawing tourists interested in all sorts of nature experiences. Just saw a video from their bear hide, where if you are lucky you can watch wild bears. There were no less than 3 bears and one moose in the video!

Todays google map is here.

We end today with the first competition: Guess how long my shorts are?