Arboga (Day 40)

Another day of mostly sunshine!


Even though I was tired all day (got to bed late and did not get many hours sleep) it was a very enjoyable day. The lack of rain makes everything so much more interesting!

Just 12 or so kilometers into the day we found two girls sitting by the side of the road selling freshly baked blueberry muffins.

Had to try them and the price was right. Picked one with a lot of blueberries and they were mouthwatering…

Robert Paraniak joined me after 10km and again spent the day trying to get some more material for the video.

He scouted out a “dog beach” that had some nice evening light and got me to pretend to be photographing. Which was ok when he had me shooting the mule, it always looks good!

But then he wanted me pointed in a specific direction and pretend to be shooting the Leica. To get the right sound effects I had to press the shutter and this is what I captured.

Slightly out of focus and with motion blur…..

We even had time to meet up with Fredrik in Götlunda to do an interview for Bärgslagsbladet. He bribed me with some ice-cream from the newly opened Götlunda Ice-cream factory. There should be more reporters like him!


The google map is here.