Åre! (Day 20)

At least it wasn’t raining when I woke and I quickly packed the tent and dug out the rain gear. The day was grey, dreary, windy, cold and partly wet. Full of hills and head winds!

Walked past McDragans (not open). Apparently a major hamburger chain was not to happy about the logo!

Just kept walking even though there were a lot of interesting places along the way,  but the weather did not inspire to playing tourist. Glad to report that I still enjoyed the walking, in spite of the weather. I had gotten a reasonably early start and soon realized that I was going to reach Åre today. Pushed on through the head wind and there it was:

After the walks longest day (56,9km) I had reached Åre and was , sort of, halfway through the summers test-walk. Felt good and so far it has been a great experience. Have learnt a lot that will be very handy in planing for the walk to Sydney, both about myself and the equipment. Won’t summarize too much just yet, after all I still have to make my way back towards Stockholm and don’t doubt that there are a lot of lessons still to learn.

Now I am going to kick back and have a proper rest day, will be back with some more reflection later. Sauna and a shave are waiting!

The google map for day 20 is here.