Åre Exteme Challenge

Spent most of yesterday following the Åre Extreme Challenge.

The course for this year had been slightly changed. Due to the high water levels the whitewater section was cancelled and replaced by a 18km long paddle on Åre lake.

About halfway through there was a lift section, forcing the competitors to get out and carry their Kayaks.

Then into the water again for the second section of paddling.

After the paddle the kayaks were dumped on Åre Beach and the second stage started. A 15km run up Åre mountain and down the other side to Huså.

Fortunately there were helpful spectators on hand to help show the way.

And to cheer on their favorite competitor. Go Dad!

In Huså they transitioned to Mountain bikes for the last 35km.

Out on the course the order was starting to sort itself out.

Scott Cole leading and being chased by John Andén

Chasing them and racing between themselves for third place were John and Jari

Chasing John was Ronnie, trying to be everywhere at once. I was glad not to be on the job for once and being able to just relax and follow the race rather than have to think about all the shots I needed.

A Happy winner, Scott Cole

Second place, John Andén

John, in third, charmed the spectators by wheeling into the finish.

Jari would have liked to beat John into third but I think he was pleased with a fourth place, just missing the podium.

Race director Mats with Jari after the race.


Björn Lans

Being inspired by the racers and feeling the need to move the lard after too many days resting I am just about to head out and hike to the top of Åre Skutan, following the path the racers used yesterday.

Then its back on the road again tomorrow as I start the trek back towards Stockholm. I am actually really looking forwards to being mobile again!