Åre Skutan

Went up to the top of Åre Skutan today. Walked along at a pretty brisk pace but nowhere near the speed of the competitors yesterday. Respect!

Was wearing my Merrell Barefoot shoes and they were reasonably comfortable going up, although I had to be a little careful about where I placed my feet. Had to avoid the sharpest stones.

Going down it started to rain rather heavily and the slippery, soft and muddy surface proved less than perfect for barefoot shoes. Not having a hard sole, I could not step hard into the surface to gain purchase. I just sort of slipped along the surface not managing  to penetrate to the more solid ground. You could say that I walked briskly to the top and then proceeded to slip and slide my way down!


Nice trek, even though I arrived back in Åre soaked to the skin and muddy from several spills.