Årsunda (day 5)

Last nights campsite.

Today has been a long day. My feet hurt and I no longer have any shoes that don’t make them hurt in at least several places. With the amount of walking I have been doing prior to the start I did not expect to get this many blisters. I have in fact got blisters on top of my blisters!

Non the less, by avoiding the main roads and hobbling along at a slow pace I have been able to take in some beautiful swedish country side. Have seen a lot of fly fishermen today.

Thankfully I chose to walk past Gysinge and it was market day with meant that I could get a good cup of coffee! I will drink any coffee, 🙂  but I really appreciate a good, well made one from a proper machine.

In Österfärnebo I met Kent and had a beer with him. He has lived all his life there and you could tell, everybody knew him and he knew everybody.

Took the time to do some foot surgery and applied a new layer of tape. Must have worked because, even if it took a long time, I managed to walk all the way to Årsunda. Arrived a little late to the camp ground and had to call someone to let me in but it also meant that I could have a hot shower. Heaven! Tomorrow will have to be a shorter day. I know I have written that before but I am planing to do some sightseeing in Storvik tomorrow and that is only 20km away.

Todays google map is here.

Now to bed!