Åsarna (Days 15 and 16)

Started out from Ytterhogdal intending to get a morning coffee and sandwich but to my surprise nothing was open. Not that there were a lot a places to start with, before I knew it I was leaving the outskirts of the town. Without any coffee!

I carried on for about 10km, found a parking area and set about trying something I had been thinking about for a while. My breakfast of choice when I am camping has been a full grain gruel. I initially intended to have full grain oat porridge but I have a hard time eating porridge without milk, gruel feels like the same thing but as it is much thinner in consistency it can be eaten/drunk on its own.I actually quite like it, not being much of a big breakfast eater.

Usually I cook a serving of gruel, wash the pan, heat some water and make a large cup of coffee. As the gruel does not have a lot of taste on its own, I usually try to add some dried fruit. The idea that struck me was that I could add the coffee to the gruel straight  away, making coffee flavored gruel. So I tried it and it actually works! The gruel gets some flavor and as I like milk with my coffee, it also takes some of the bitter edge of the instant coffee. Best of all I only have to wash the pan once!

Ah, the brilliance of simplistic minimalism.


The last two days have been the loneliest so far. Long stretches of road and nothing other that forest beside it. A fair bit of traffic but that is constantly moving and just flashes past. So the earphones have been working overtime. So far mainly audiobooks, not much music.

Have worked my way through Round the World in 80 Days by Michael Palin, Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs and Born to Run by Christopger McDougall.  Born to Run is really good. If you enjoy reading (hearing) about running and like a good story it is well written, exciting and engaging.

The google map for day 15 is here. There is about 4km missing from the middle of the walk as I somehow managed to turn the app of for a while..

After camping last night I headed towards Åsarna, intent on making today a shorter day, less than 30km. I was hoping to make it to town and maybe catch some midsummer festivities but by the time I got there (about 3pm) everything was closed and there was nobody around. Managed to find some accommodation, rented a hut, so now I am just kicking back and taking it easy. Will get a good nights sleep tonight and head further north tomorrow, Östersund is only 2 days away!

Google map for day 16 is here.