Austin, Texas

wombat_20140627_0011354Kirk Tuck outside the Taco Deli where we went for breakfast tacos. Great Tacos and great conversation. It was very interesting to meet someone whose writings you have read for many years. It was even better that he turned out to be a great guy!


Couchsurfing meet up with many hosts from the Austin areawombat_20140628_0011408

Charlie and Palmer doing some serious shopping in one of the gigantic American wearhouse like supermarkets.wombat_20140628_0011414

Open air gallery consisting of graffitiwombat_20140628_0011444

An enigmatic Mona Lisa and guest at the Spider House cafewombat_20140628_0011471

Taking it easy, Austin style at the Capitol building….wombat_20140628_0011474

The hobbit house, a private residence in Austin built of dirt.wombat_20140628_0011481

Palmer sipping a smoothie at Juice Land, where we seem to end up at least once a day!


Palmer giving Max lessons in how to change a tube on his bike.wombat_20140629_160652

Charlie outside Cheer Up Charlies, our last stop on saturday night before heading home for some well earned rest. wombat_20140629_163311