Bangkok, Thailand


I’m sitting in a cheap hotel rum in Bangkok trying to be a little bit creative and get some writing done. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I am being very successful, but that’s ok. If nothing else I am committing some of my thoughts and experiences to “paper” and I’m sure that it will come in handy when I eventually reach Sydney and sit down to write “the-book”!


I will be flying back to a wintry, cold Stockholm early tomorrow morning, something I am both looking forward to and dreading..

One of the reasons that I am in Bangkok already is that I got the opportunity to meet up with a very interesting person the other day. His name is Lars Bengtsson and he is a long distance cyclist and traveler that has cycled 87,000 km in 88 different countries! You can read all about his exploits, which are not limited to cycling, at his site ( in Swedish).

We have been Facebook friends for a little while but had never met in person and when I read on Facebook that he was coming to Bangkok just before I was due to fly out, I decided I had to take the opportunity to meet. He turned out to be just as interesting as could be expected from following his adventures on-line and we had a great conversation. About (lack of) sponsorship, travels, money, blond girls, lifestyle, minimalism, walking, cycling and almost everything else.

It was also very interesting that we met on Khaosan Road. When I walked there and turned the corner onto Khaosan Road, it totally amazed me… I know that it is probably the most well know “backpacker” street in the world and I have been there a couple of times during my travels but the last time was a while ago. Now it’s just a huge tourist trap and is full of western bars, restaurants and travel agencies. It more or less completely encompasses everything that I find disturbing about the tourist industry.

Probably a great place to party and meet westerners, but there is nothing authentic Thai there.

Anyway, I hope to get a lot done while I am in Stockholm so expect some changes and updates to the site, possibly some other news and a lot more thoughts about my travels so far.

As always, much, much more to come…..

Keep walking!