I have finally managed to wear out my two pair of Merrrell barefoot shoes. It’s been hard work and I am in many ways amazed at how well they have held up.

The first pair (the orange ones) were the first barefoot shoes I ever bought and a large portion of the training and testing for the test-walk was done in them, along with heavy use on the test-walk itself. The black pair were bought for the test-walk and were probably the shoes that did the most milage. Afterwards, they are the shoes I have been using almost every day, it would not be wrong to say that I am a barefoot convert!

Being barefoot shoes, they are very much in the minimalistic style and are easy to pack, light to wear and they lasted a lot longer than I ever expected. Despite deliberate attempts to wear them out before the start of the-walk, it’s been hard work.

Being a budding minimalist I don’t want to own 10 pairs of different shoes but am trying to keep it down to two or three.  With these two now worn out, I finally get to buy a new pair!