Berlin Street

I just spent a few days in Berlin. Most of it was work but I did try to set aside one day to do some street photography.

I had decided to try to challenge myself and do something different. Most of my street photography tends to be shot with something around a 28mm or equivalent lens. In fact, most of my photography is done close to that focal length.

This time I intended to hit the streets with a 200-800mm equivalent zoom lens!


Not your usual street set-up…

I wanted to use the compression I could get with a long focal length lens and then try to add foreground and background elements to help get a more three-dimensional feel to the photos.

I a word, I failed!

There just wasn’t the right inspiration on the day. It was cold, gray and dreary and I felt much more like sitting down somewhere warm, with a large cup of coffee and reading a book.

Maybe next time?