Bilbao ( and Stockholm)


The Mule and I reached Bilbao on sunday and spent most of the day sightseeing. It’s a very interesting city, a mixture of old and new, from extremely modern to ancient. The streets were full of people enjoying the sunday afternoon and the weather was great.

I have been very lucky so far, everybody I have met have says that it is usually raining this time of year!



In the evening we made our way home to Gosia and Koldo, two couch surfing hosts who not only had offered me a place to sleep, but were going to stable the Mule for two weeks while I returned to Stockholm to attend a wedding and get some important paperwork done.

Last summer they hitch-hiked across Russia, check out their video blog here!

Then on tuesday it was time to leave the Mule and head to the airport. An early start and long stops for connections meant a long, boring day spent looking at all the tax-free stuff that I did not want or need. Endless cups of coffee….



But finally I was back in Stockholm. It is a strange sensation, walking for almost 6 months is only equal to 4 or 5 hours effective flying time!


I am working on some changes to everything from the route to equipment and have a fair bit of organizing to do in Stockholm but the most important thing I will be doing is resting!

There will be much, much more to come in the future…