Biting the Bullitt



It’s difficult being a minimalist…

There are all those temptations out there, all calling for you to buy, buy, buy…

But I keep trying to be a good boy and restrain myself from getting anything that I don’t really need. Then, every now and again, I find myself unable to resist and start trying to convince myself that it really is a necessary purchase and that it really will fit into and become an important part of my minimalist lifestyle.

Well, I’ve done it again!


Meet my new traveling companion, a Race green Bullitt cargo bike from Copenhagen.

I’m loving riding around Stockholm on it and am experimenting with all different sort of packing options. One thing that is certain is that there will be an Alu-Box involved somehow. The box was one of the great features of the Mule and I have already test mounted my box from the test-walk to the bike. I’ll be doing a lot more testing during the coming months and I’ll have lots of time to get everything right before I head out on my next long journey (which was always going to contain some sort of bike travel).

My new job, which is keeping me from long distance travel for a while, is also what has allowed me to buy the Bullitt. It was much more expensive than I would have considered spending on a touring bike but because I am stuck working for a few years, I could suddenly afford it. And I have been wanting to get a Bullitt for many years. They just have to be the coolest cargo bikes available!

In fact, when I walked past Copenhagen during the-walk, I visited the store and had a long talk about what would be the best configuration for long distance travel. I also said that I would be back after the-walk to get one!

There are lots of colours available and I did more or less have my heart set on a light blue one, a Bluebird. But seeing as I intend to do a fair bit of stealth camping on my next trip, I decided that the more subdued and understated racing green colour would allow me to melt into the scenery more easily and I have come to appreciate the colour more and more. In many ways, it matches my personality much better. I tend to be a bit understated..


I have decided to call it Steve and I seriously doubt that I have to explain why. If you don’t get it, just google Bullitt.

Today is Sunday, it’s only about 7 C outside and it’s raining a little bit, but I think I will go out for a ride anyway!