Bleka (Day 17)

Left Åsarna after a good rest even though I for some reason had slept poorly the night before. Today was mostly a lot of walking, along a major road and I was expecting a lot of traffic. But the traffic was light and most of the drivers very considerate, followed the E45 up past Hackås and started looking for a campsite after about 35km or so, leaving Östersund about the same distance tomorrow.

But a campsite was hard to find. The only suitable places were all too close to houses or the road. Soldiered on and had covered 48km before I found an old logging road that I followed into the forest. By this time I just wanted to find a place to rest and the cleared power line I came upon seemed perfect. It was, apart from all the mosquitoes! I hate mosquitoes and even Mygga, the best insect repellent I have used so far was pushed to the limit and had only marginal effect.

Got the tent up very quickly and hid myself inside, unpacked the sleeping bag and put my weary head down on the jumper that I use as a pillow. Sweet ,sweet sleep!

The google map is here.