Bollnäs (day10)

Nobody has said anything yet, but the numbering of the days is wrong depending on how you want to count. Day 7 was the so called rest day in Stockholm and I just sort of skipped it and continued numbering the walk days as if it had not existed. Which is fine by me, I am not going to change it, walk days are the ones that count!

Today has been a low km day, hopeful the last one under 30 for a while. The first 9km where nice, taking the secondary roads towards Bollnäs, meeting people out taking a stroll and getting warned about some bears that have been seen in the area. Then it started raining, not much at first but it soon turned into proper rain. On with the gore-tex and keep walking. Don’t really mind walking in the rain as long as it isn’t too cold.

The google map is here.

After arriving in Bollnäs I went for a walk through the center of town. What with it being saturday afternoon and raining most of the day, it was very quiet.

Tomorrow I hope to reach the halfway mark on my way to Åre, which puts me right on schedule to arrive in time for the Haglöfs Åre Extreme Challenge.