Bored, fat and lazy…



Bored, fat and lazy is a state that is easy to slowly gravitate into when you lack inspiration. It is, unfortunately, a state that I can find myself in whenever I try too hard to fit in. To make a career, make money just for the sake of it or live the way others think I should. Peer and social pressure are forces that should not be taken lightly!
Bored, fat and lazy is always a wake-up call for me. It means that I am restless and need to do something about my current situation. Find inspiration, motivation and something magic to learn or experience. It is a situation that has always been the precursor to change.
The-walk very much grew out of an intense restlessness and is the result of me feeling bored,fat and lazy.
Less than 2 weeks to go now and with all the preparation and anticipation, bored is the last thing I am and lazy is not on the cards. To much to get done…
I am fat though. 🙂 Not really worried as I am sure that I will loose more than just 1 or 2 kilos during my 30000km walk.