Boyle to Lake Tekapo

This is not going to be much of a blog post, more of an image dump.


I have just spent 9 days on the trail getting from Boyle to Tekapo Lake and can now say that I am halfway down the South Island.

My new pack is working well and I am starting to need my warm quilt as the night temperatures are starting to get lower.

I also changed to a new set of shoes a few days ago as my old ones had taken a huge beating from all the river crossings. I can honestly say that I have done more river crossings in the last couple weeks than in all my life earlier!

The scenery has been stunning and the weather not to bad. Some rain but nothing very heavy.

There has been some road walking along gravel roads, but not too much.

Well worn Altra Lone Peaks…
My favorite toilet so far, with a view!
The highest point on the TA
One of many, many river crossings

I am continuing south tomorrow on a hire bicycle. The next section of the TA follows a canal and is a bit boring to walk, so Robert and I decided to do it on bikes. That way it will take us just one day rather than the three it would take to walk.

Iā€™m also expecting tomorrow to mark a milestone in the project that I call the-walk…

But more about that on instagram tomorrow!