Only a little bit more than two months to go, before it’s time to start walking, and it might be time to start trying to do something about my addiction.
My coffee addiction.
I start my day with two to three large cups of coffee, usually the first thing that passes my lips. My day doesn’t start before my first cup of java! Which is not much of a problem here in my apartment, I just get up, get the coffee going, and sit down to enjoy the start of my day with a steaming cup in my hand. But out on the road that sort of consistency will not be possible. There is not going to be a major problem getting cup of coffee, but when ,where and how are going to be very variable.
The last thing I want to be bothered with during the walk are abstinence problems, headaches and listlessness from lack of coffee.
When I know that I am going on a longer trip that might entail erratic coffee supplies, I usually start to cut back a month or so in advance. Cutting down both the amount and the regularity, training myself to go without and breaking the dependance . It can take a week or two but makes life on the road so much enjoyable. To not be “jonesing” for a shot of espresso makes life much easier to bear.
I start “the program” tomorrow, so if you run into me the next week or so and I appear to be a bit grumpy, you know why!