Coolum Beach, Queensland


It’s again been a while since I posted anything on the blog but I have finally ”made” some time to get caught up and tell you all what is happening.

I am really enjoying walking along the coast, it so much greener than what I have been experiencing in the inland and I have yet to get used to it.


It’s great to be able to get fresh, sun-ripened fruit and, even better, it’s quite cheap to buy in the roadside stalls and farm outlets. At one such place just outside Bundaberg, I met Caroline, an expat Swedish girl working in the store.


In Hervey Bay I stayed with Peter, Vicky and ”Grubb”, who had passed me earlier near Longreach and invited me to visit if I came past. I had a wonderful time with most of the extended family coming over for a BBQ in the evening. My very good friends from Sydney, Hansje and Tom, also managed to drop by and take me out to lunch when they passed through on their way to Moore Park the next day.


When I left Hervey Bay I again found some expat Swedes. Tina and Ulf run the DeliBAy Café and I stopped for a cup of coffee and a short chat.


I have had some sandal problems though. My new Keen sandals are good but take a bit of getting used to. Starting out with a 46 km day without socks was not a good idea…


I have become so used to wearing thongs (flip-flops) that my feet rebel against anything that constrains them. How am I ever going to be able to get used to wearing shoes every day again!


I did have one day that was a bit more challenging. The morning was very nice and I stopped to do some writing on a hilltop and then stopped again at a great campsite called Cobb & Co Nine Mile for an ice-cream.


As I walked into Cooran the sky was getting darker and darker and when I started out towards Pomona it started to rain. A few kilometers outside of Pomona it really started thundering and raining, by the time I reached the town I was drenched. I was looking forward to a warm cup of coffee but the lightning had cut out the power to the entire town. I set off towards Cooroy but turned around after less than 1 km and tried to dry off in the local pub instead.


After a couple of hours, the storm passed by and I again set off towards Cooroy. This time I got a bit further but was pulled up short by flooding. A creek crossing was flooded and seemed to be running quite strongly. There was a local man there that had parked his 4wd because he could not cross. Having been turned back once already, I really wanted to get across and set about trying to see if I could possibly carry some stuff across and then try to roll an almost empty Mule through the stream. The current was not too strong and I managed to ferry my stuff across by being very careful and taking my time. It felt good to be able to continue and I set off happy and content.





Unfortunately, the crossing was just the beginning! Lots of more flooding, sticky clay and ruined roadways lay ahead. It took time but I finally made it to Cooroy, late in the evening, in pouring rain. I was lucky to be able to pitch my tent under cover at the local campsite and enjoyed my shower a bit more than usual that night.

Since then I have had a couple of easy days walking along the coast, stopping to enjoy it even though the weather has been far from perfect.


I have been feeling a bit bad about not updating the blog often enough and have been thinking about different ways I might be able to share my walk in a more effective way. Which is the reason this blog post will go out as a newsletter as well.

I am going to try a new method of letting you know what is happening. From now on I will be posting at least one Instagram picture a day, with a slightly longer text to go with it. That will be so you can follow my daily adventures and a way for me to highlight what I am experiencing at the moment. This will be posted to Instagram, Facebook and the blog (if I manage to sort out all the parameters), so no matter where you are following me, you will be kept up to date. From now until the finish in Sydney, I will write at least one a day. It might not get posted every day, depending on my internet access, but I will write at least one a day, hopefully more.

On top of that, I will write a longer piece about my plans and thoughts that I will post every month or two. This will essentially be the newsletter and you can either subscribe to it or read it on the blog when it posts.

I’m not sure how this will work out, but it feels good to continue experimenting with different ways to share the-walk and discover what suits me best. I hope this will mean that not only will you be kept up to date with what is happening, but I will find it easier to post more but shorter tidbits from the road.

The-walk is very much an experiment in itself and I am looking forward to see if this might be a way for me to share more and feel a little less guilt about not being up to date.

Time will tell and I will keep walking!