Corleto Perticara, Italy

Since I wrote last, I have been enjoying a relaxing ride down the coast and around the “heel” of Italy. The weather has been excellent and I have been a bit lazy, enjoying finding cheap off-season accommodation rather than camping as much as I really should.

I’m not going to write too much this time, just leave you with some photos as I start cutting across the country to reach the west coast and start my journey up towards Rome. I have to be there to catch a flight to Stockholm on the 13th of November in order to work and study for 2 weeks. But I have found a place to leave Mister in Rome and will be returning on the 27th to continue cycling.

I hope to be able to get to Naples by the 7th in order to see the start of the Two Volcano Sprint bikepacking race. It should be very interesting and Andrew, my warmshowers host is going to be racing.

Apart from that, I will just continue to enjoy myself and get plenty of climbing practice done as I cut across the mountains towards the west coast.