DAY 1, Finland 2017

I am finally on my way. 


For some reason it seems to have been harder to get away on this short summer trip to Finland than I remember it being to start the-walk. 

But day one is done and it was an easy, lazy day. Just what I needed to help me continue my recovery from my cold. Just 1 km, all down hill, to the ferry and a slow 21 km from Mariehamn in the afternoon to a great little B&B in Godby. 

Tomorrow will be the real start of the cycling, even though there are going to be plenty of ferry breaks tomorrow as well, as I make my way across the islands of ร…land towards Finland. 

Being on the road again feels great, just the fact that I am slowly making my way forwards liberates me in a way that I almost find disconcerting. I mean, what does that say about me, that I relax and enjoy myself the most when I am on the way somewhere. The “where” I am headed seems to be less important, if not inconsequential. I could probably be accused of “running” from or “looking” for something but that’s not true. I just happen to live the most “in the moment” when I  am on the road.