The home office

Walked 40km yesterday and ended up camping in the forest not far from the road. Spent a restless night, can’t really explain why, but didn’t get much sleep.

Woke to brilliant weather this morning, packed up the mule and headed out. Start of week 2!


Monday morning, start of the working week.

Walked to Simonsberget, a local climbing spot where I hoped to find some climbers, but there was nobody there. Guess they had to go to work this morning.


Spent the rest of the day walking through some glorious countryside and capped the afternoon off by doing a live interview with P4 Radio Sörmland.

By the way, you can catch my small spot on the local television news from yesterday here:

Was unsure how far I was going to be able to wander today, was starting to get a bit tired and could not decide how far to push myself. Serendipity stepped in and I found a wonderful B&B at Djupviks Gård. Intend to get some serious sleep tonight!