Done, Done and Done!


Well, it is finally done!

I am in Sydney and have been here for almost 2 weeks already. In many ways, it still does not feel like the original the-walk project has been completed. I imagine that it is going to take me quite a long time to digest the implications of that and discover how it is going to impact the future.

The first thing I would like to do is to thank the countless number of people who have helped me along my journey. Friends, relatives, friends of friends, relatives friends, people I have met on the road or through the internet. There are so many of you and if there is one thing that I will take away from the-walk, it is how kind, generous and helpful people are, no matter where you are in the world. Despite the constant bombardment of horrors that is shown on the news every day, I am very glad to have had only positive experiences and have grown to appreciate the humanity of everyday people more than ever.

So thank you again!

There is some sad news though. I have parted from the Mule 2,5! Or at least the chassis. Rather than shipping it back to Sweden, I have donated it to Terra (The Happy Walk), who is going to use it for some of her walk around Australia in aid of Lifeline. Not only that, but she has agreed to try to forward it to another walker when she has finished, so maybe we will be able to follow the Mule 2,5 doing its own complete circuit of Australia!

Will there be a Mule 3.0 in my future….

Looks very likely!


In just 2 days, I will be leaving Sydney and heading to Kuala Lumpur. I just finished packing Stan, the kickbike, and hope to be able to outfit it with some serious touring equipment in KL. A proper rack with waterproof panniers, along with a waterproof backpack, some new wires and possibly new handlebars.If all goes well, I will then have time for a short tour of the Cameron Highlands, before finally hopping on a plane and flying back to Sweden.

Back to Stockholm and back to work. I am very lucky that I can head back to some interesting work as it is very much a necessity right now. I basically need the money!


The future…

I have naturally been thinking a lot about the future and how I would like to continue living my life. The problem is that I have yet to arrive at a conclusion. I know that I want to keep traveling and living a minimalistic life but I am far from sure in what way. There are so many ideas and possibilities crowding each other in my mind at the moment that I am unable to decide. Probably just as well.


I am giving serious thought to making the-walk a complete circumnavigation of the world even though it would have to be done in stages and would probably take quite a few years to complete. Not only that, it would probably be interrupted with a number of different trips on kickbikes, bicycles or even kayaks. Would love to join Charlie for a week’s walking or so when he reaches Africa on his Walk for Water.

The closest I can formulate the future right now is that I am going to try to cover 100,000 human powered kilometers exploring the world and part of that is going to be the completion of my walk around the world.

The truth is that I want to catch up to the Lost Cyclist, but don’t tell him that, he just keeps adding to his distance tally, making it harder and harder!

The one thing I know is that I will be spending a lot of time working in Stockholm the coming 1-2 years. Although it is because of economic necessity, it will most likely also give me time to plan future adventures and hopefully time to write a book about the-walk. In fact, I would like to write 3 different books. One about the test-walk, which will be a photo-book, one about the-walk, which will be more of a travel, adventure description and finally a how-to book about long distance walking. All projects that are going to take a fair amount of time.

What this all means is that the-walk is here to stay!

Continued blog, Instagram, Facebook and newsletters all following me as I try to reach my 100,000 km goal. The blog might not be as frequent as it has been the last 3 years, but there will be updates as soon as anything happens and I hope you will all continue to read it.

There should be plenty of stuff from the coming 3 weeks and my little kickbike tour of Malaysia but there will be plenty of stuff in the future as well!

Much, much more to come…