I am downsizing. As a matter of fact I have been doing it for the last 3 years.

When I started, the goal was not all that clear, I just wanted to make my life simpler, with  less distractions and give myself time to devote to what I really wanted to do. Now, of course, the goal is to get ready for the-walk!

I started out living in a 4 bedroom house, complete with a large garage, several motorbikes, cars and a host of other toys.

From there I moved into a large 1 bedroom flat with a large storage area. Man, was it ever difficult to get everything in! A lot of “stuff” never made it and the downsizing process was underway.

Then I moved in to a bachelor flat, with a smaller storage area, so small in fact that I had to rent an extra space to fit all my “stuff”.

The last move was to where I am now, a bachelor flat with no extra storage area at all and very few closets..

It has been an interesting journey. But it has also taken a lot of time and a fair bit of emotional energy, more that I imagined that it would when I started.

Still going strong though, the reason that I am writing this is that I am in the middle of another purge and am about to carry another box of goodies down to the goodwill store. Even though I have moved a lot during my life, it is still amazing the amount of “stuff” I have accumulated. Being technically interested and always wanting to be able to do things myself does not help!

The final goal is to fit everything in the mule and even though I still have a long way to go, it no longer seems impossible. When I get there I will be fulfilling a very old ambition of mine. When I was 19, I was fond of saying that one should pack everything one owns every 6 months, and anything that does not fit into a large backpack is unnecessary.

Hopefully, by the time I leave on the-walk, I will finally have got there myself!