Learning to walk

Left Värekulla this morning after a leisurely morning talking to Lars-Erik and headed of towards Eksjö. Had no intention of reaching Eksjö but I started listening to an audiobook (A life without limits by Chrissie Wellington) and time and distance seemed to fly by. Another 42 km day…

During the afternoon I spent some time answering questions from pupils at Oxhagsskolan in Akalla. This is the second time I have done this, they are (with a bit of inspiration from my friend Anders who works there) following my journey on the web site. Just wanted to say a big “Hi!” to them all and thank them for following me!


Developed my first very small blister today. Mainly due to walking in wet shoes most of yesterday I think, but it is tiny and after a change of shoes has given me no more problems.

Intend to spend tomorrow morning having a look around Eksjö, so it’s of to bed for what I hope will be more than 40 winks.