Eskilstuna (Day 41)

Started out of Arboga along the E20 and stopped at a lime bucket-line that I have passed under more times than I remember. On motorbikes, in cars and even trucks but today was the first time I actually stopped and looked at it. There definitely is something about walking!

In order to stay off the main road as much as possible I passed through Kungsör, another town I have passed on numerous occasions but have never visited. Turned out to be a very charming town, well worth a visit.

Stopped for lunch at Bagarens where I started talking to Bengt.

He is working hard to realize his dream of sailing the Caribbean in his own sailboat. Always great to meet people with dreams and ambitions that extend beyond the daily nine to five grind. He sent me off with some extra goodies for dinner, keen to make sure I kept up my strength for the last few days of the test.

Just as I was leaving Kungsör I found a nice, old school hot rod.

It was a 32 ford with a 29 body, dropped beam front axel and very classic lines.

The proud owners name was Krister and it turned out that it was only one of several rods he owned.

You have to admit that the classic lines and simple functionality of the mule matches the 32 rod quite well! Just have to find some white-wall tires…..

Finally reached Eskilstuna which also turned out to be an interesting town that I have missed in my earlier travels. Went out for a few beers and enjoyed the happy party atmosphere in the beautiful summer evening but was to tired to make a big night of it. Next time!

The google map is here.