Fågelsjön (Day 28)

Another day walking in the rain! With more rain forecast…

A shame as the area I am walking through is very photogenic in the right light, grey does not suite it. Had it been a bit (a lot) warmer there would have been many opportunities to go for a swim in one of of the many lakes along the road.

One bright spot of the day was when I was waved in to the side of the road by Marianne, the mother of one of my former students. She and her husband had spotted me along the road and stopped for a talk. They were very kind and offered me a lift to their cabin where I could start again the next day. I was very, very tempted. Out of the rain and some company. Who could ask for more? But I declined. If I am going to walk, like I have said, then walk it is. To start “cheating” already, on the-test, just feels wrong. So I walked on, warmed by my integrity and cooled by the rain.


Finally ended the day in Fågelsjö, in a very nice hostel where I met Stephan who cycled past me yesterday, south of Vemdalen (see his comment on the first page of the site).

Tomorrow promises more of the same and I am just about to look at the map and try to find a promising destination.

The google map is here.

An interesting note, my achillies tendon felt great this morning! As it was very swollen and tender when I went to bed I was expecting to have problems today and maybe even be forced to take a rest day. But it was actually better than it has been since Åre. Can’t explain how 7 hours sleep managed to cure it to such an extent, but I am not complaining. Started to tighten up a bit at about 25km today but never got really bad.