Färila (Day12)

Margit, the very nice lady who came and got me in her car and also served breakfast this morning.

I started out from Harsagården with 13km extra to walk just to get back on track and add some more kilometers northwards. Luckily for me after just 5km, in the middle of the forest, 2 lumberjacks that I had talked to yesterday came by and stopped, wondering what I was doing there. They knew I was supposed to be on the way to Åre.

They kindly game me a lift to the main road, saving me a lot of extra walking but still leaving me were I left off the day before.

Just outside of Järvsö I found somebody who obviously liked heavy machinery. Unfortunately there was nobody home so I missed the full story.

Morning coffee at Järvsö Camping where I spoke to Sten who gave me a lot of tips about which roads to take and also about Björks, a local meat producer in Färila who makes some delicious smoked meats. Perfect for camping.

A fallen pilgrim (route marker of course).

When I arrived in Färila, Björks had already closed. Will have to buy some smoked sausage tomorrow instead. Might even try the grankådssalva, maybe it works on blisters.

Todays google map is here.