Fat Bike for a Fat Guy

It’s getting close to a year since I returned to Stockholm and even though I haven’t been walking as much as during the-walk, my appetite has not diminished!


Which sort of poses a few problems. I tend to be active and like to do physical activities but for some reason, I have just not had the motivation to exercise as much as I both want and need to in order to feel good. Part of the reason is that I have been working more than I expected, but that is far from the complete truth. Somehow, I need a reason, a goal, something to aim for. Exercising just for its own sake is not enough to motivate me.

So, I decided to create a feasible goal. Something that I can try to get done and that necessitates a higher degree of fitness than just working. Something that would also be a bit of a challenge.

Enter Mr White, my new fat bike. (You notice that I am continuing to name my bikes (and kick-bikes) after movie actors and characters. Mr White is from Reservoir Dogs).

I was a bit reluctant to buy another bike seeing as I am still trying to maintain as minimalistic a lifestyle as I can, but I’m going to blame Magnus, who when he interviewed me for the Husky Podcast, said that you can’t have too many bikes!

Mr White is a complement to Steve (the Bullitt cargo bike) and its most important function is to help me get into and stay in better shape. Mr White and I are going to bike Sörmlandsleden, a local hiking trail that starts in Stockholm. It’s a 1000km long hiking trail with mixed terrain and should be a nice little challenge to cycle. The plan is to try to do sections of it whenever I get any free time and in that way string together a complete journey.

I’m looking forward to it, it will do a lot to keep me motivated while I work to save money and plan for my next “big” trip.

Don’t worry, Steve will still be getting some exercise and development as well. I’m in the process of planning a 2000km shakedown trip around northern Finland and Sweden during the coming summer and Mr White is not going to replace Steve on longer trips. I now essentially have 2 very different types of bikes, sort of a truck (or pickup) and a jeep. Opens up the possibilities of even more cycle destinations in the future……