Finally on the road (sort of)

Today I finally got to start on my way south towards Sydney!

Feels really great to actually be doing something and not just talking about it.

Spent a lot of the day being photographed and socializing rather than taking photographs. Left my apartment for the final time and headed down to Lisas Café for breakfast where I met up with some friends and photographers. Then Göran Segerholm interviewed me for bildradion as we walked towards Slussen where Mats Bäcker was waiting to photograph me.

When Mats was finished I pointed the Mule south and headed towards Handen. At last heading the right way!

On the way we (Tomas, my brother-in-law walked with me all day) stopped and visited Peter Öhlander where I was very honored to become the first ever recipient of  Slips Stipendiet.

On our continued way south, we passed the house in Sköndal that my grandfather built, were I lived the first 3 years of my life.



After a fuel stop for pizza we got into gear and covered the remaining distance to Handen where my sister Denice had a wonderful dinner waiting with some surprise guests. If this is living on the road and being a nomad then I can’t really complain!


Although I haven’t covered a lot of kilometers today, I am still very tired as I write this. It has been an intense day (or rather week) and in many ways I am looking forward to walking in silence the next few days, don’t think the freestyle will be used much for a while.

Would very much like to give a heartfelt thanks to all the people that showed up both yesterday and today to send me of and wish me well. Thank you all very much!