Finland 2017 round up

At last, here is a final blog post about this summers bicycle trip through Finland.

It’s been a long time coming. For some reason, I have just not managed to get around to finally writing it, even though I finished more than 3 weeks ago.

I can highly recommend Finland as a great bicycle touring destination. It is easy, scenic and hopefully, you will have better weather than I did!


It seemed that I had my own private little rain cloud following me for most of my trip and even though I enjoyed the cycling, I would have liked to have spent a lot more time in the sun, relaxing beside one of the thousand lakes.

I spent a lot of time by myself on this trip. Not because people were difficult to connect with but because I think I needed it. This last year has been pretty intense and I meet and interact with a lot of different people all the time. Being out on the bike and being by myself has given me some time to reflect and try to absorb everything that has¬†happened. It’s a big change from all the time I had to myself during the-walk and I¬†needed to decompress, probably a lot more than I realized myself.

But I still managed to meet some wonderful, helpful people along the way. In Helsinki I stayed with Hannu and his family. Hannu is the guy who invented Kickbikes and Kickbiking in Finland. He now runs Kickbike who made Stan, the kickbike I rode in Australia and Asia. It was great, relaxing in the sauna and dreaming about new extreme kickbike adventures

In the end, this trip lasted for 5 weeks and covered 2,500 km. I averaged an easy 80 km a day and Steve, the Bullitt cargo bike, worked without a hitch. As a shakedown ride, it proved that the bike works wonderfully (especially after I changed the saddle) and apart from a small gearing change there is nothing that needs to be done before it would be possible to head out for a much longer adventure.

A 5-week trip should by most measures be considered as a reasonable holiday but felt way too short. I have been spoiled by the more or less unlimited time I had on the-walk, and I felt a constant time pressure. I was always very much aware that I had a limited time and that it was slowly ticking away all the time. A longing¬†for the endless road was always close to the surface. Wishing to be able to just go where I wanted, when I wanted, without always being aware of logistical restrictions, just going walkabout….