Georgetown, Malaysia



I’ve made it to Georgetown, the hard part of Malaysia is now more or less done. From here I will be cheating a little bit, taking some ferries between the islands.


Heading north from Ipoh, I walked past a lot of temples in the limestone caves scattered through the hills. Spent a fair bit of time stopping and looking at all the artwork. Intricate and interesting.


The rest of the walk to Georgetown was easy and almost a bit boring, but I did meet some very friendly people along the way.


This is Carol and Law, just 2 of the many friendly people who stop and wonder if they can help me in any way. But Carol and Law were extra friendly! 🙂


Once I reached Georgetown I spent a fair bit of time walking around town and getting a feel for it. Talking to the rickshaw drivers and looking at the workshops that line the roads.


In many ways they fascinate me. They are often just a hole in the wall, with no special equipment and often no furniture. All the work seems to be done on the ground.



Lets just say that none of my workshops, even when they were at their worst, were quite this disorganised. At least I like to think so…


Still, they somehow manage to put out some very good work. Like this, only slightly modified Honda C70.

Spent a lot of time walking through markets, there are a lot of them, like everywhere here in Asia. The trick is to not buy anything.





wombat_20141125_0668After all that walking what I needed was some food and there are lots of places to eat.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0064.I found a place that I really liked and before I knew it, I was a regular!  🙂 Yeap Noodles, best noodles in Georgetown (not that I managed to try them all).



And after a good lunch, I am not the only one who appreciates a good siesta.


Apart from the sightseeing, I have been doing a lot of thinking about photography. Mine and in general. I’m sure that some of you have noticed some changes in my photography the last month or so and there have been some changes. Both good and bad. But I think I have been headed in very much the wrong direction and I need to think a lot more about future directions. I am not going to write too much more about it here and now but expect some serious writing during my “work” holiday in Stockholm next year. Suffice to say that I am experiencing some existential angst.

But enough about that, more photos…


You are never to old for a good comic book.







There are a lot of tourist around and I have noticed that they are getting more and more plentiful as high season approaches and I get closer to the tourist islands.


I got some new flip-flops, nice and colorful. They were 2 for the price of 1 so I got one pair of blue ones and another red pair.

I’m of to Langkawi tomorrow and will spend a whole week staying at the one and same hostel. Will feel strange but don’t worry, I intend to do some serious walking during the week anyway!