Getting rid of “stuff”



For the first time in many, many years, I don’t have a garage or storage unit full of tools. My friend Johan picked up the last of the “stuff” he is buying from me the other week.

I have to admit that it feels rather strange. I am used to being able to “fix” things, take them apart and get them working again, but not having any tools or place to work in makes it a bit difficult.


But then, I always intended the-walk to be a fresh start and not to have any old baggage tying me down once I started. In many ways it feel very liberating. One more thing that I don’t have to worry about, or take into consideration. One less thing that takes up space, both emotional and physical. One less thing that costs money to store…

During the last year I have sold, given away or donated an incredible amount of stuff. Computer components, tools and motorcycle parts, photography and studio equipment, clothes and sporting gear. I have to say that it feels good! Even though it has been a lot of work and not always been easy, there is a feeling of relief and the promise of more time to spend on the essentials of life, rather than just looking after all my stuff….