On monday I set out om an easy walk to Göteborg after an interesting breakfast with some of the regulars at Hindås Marina & Camping. Lasse even sent me on my way with a piece of homemade lasagna for lunch (which was excellent).



A few hours into the walk, I spied a gentleman standing on the side of the road looking towards me. As I approached I could se two take-away cups of coffee in his hands. Man, that would be good right about now. Incredibly , Mikael was waiting for me! He had seen the video interview on Moderskeppet and, after checking the blog, worked out where I was. One of the cups was for me!

Thank you Mikael!


I enjoyed my lasagna outside of Landvetter and very nearly went for the first swim of the year, but the still slightly cold wind blowing of the water put me off (along with some of the fish parts floating in the water).




For the first time I developed a small blister that I had to stop and have a look at. It wasn’t a major problem but the first foot blemish that I actually felt when walking. All in all, not bad for almost 3 weeks and 750 km walking.



Rolled into Göteborg in the evening and headed towards Anton’s place, where he had promised to put me up for a few days. Will be staying put at least 4 days while I sort out some equipment, get new vaccinations and catch up with old friends and colleagues. Really looking forward to meeting some people I haven’t met in many years!

wombat_130529_092255Anton making me a healthy breakfast!


Eating italian with Robert G