Harsa (Day 11)

Started out nice and easy from Bollnäs and felt reasonably strong.

Morning coffee in Arbrå where the mule made a new friend.

Felt good, was enjoying the walking and decided to make for a hostel that my Svenska Turist Föreningen iPhone app said was 38km away from Bollnäs.

First bakery, then tattoo shop and finally storage. You have to be flexible when you live in the country.

In Simeå I met Magnus, a priest who was taking some students for a walk to the top of a local mountain. He also told me about a series of marked routes in the area that they were trying to put together that were called Pilgrim routes.

So far the flies and mosquitoes have been very bearable. Much better than I feared when I was planing this walk. Hope I haven’t said to much, to early…

Could have used this sign a few days ago when Robert was popping up everywhere!

By this time I was no where as frisky as these birds. I was starting to get tired and my skin splints were starting to hurt so I buckled down and strove on, wanting to get the last 10km done as soon as possible. Although the app had said 38km I soon realized that it was going to be longer, more like 50km. The last 7-8km were agony. Every time I miss stepped or stretched out to far it felt like somebody stuck a knife in the front of my leg. Lets just say that I concentrated very hard on keeping a nice relaxed stride. Welcome to the-shuffle!

At last I was getting close but something seemed to be wrong. The sign in front of me said 11km to Harsagården and my iPhone app was saying that the hostel should be right in front of me. After 51km it definitely wasn’t…  I called the hostel and found out that, naturally, the sign was right. There was no way I was going to walk another 11km today so I apologized, explained the situation, cancelled my bed reservation and started looking for a camping site. But the phone soon rang again and it was the hostel calling back to say that they were sending out a car to get me so that I could sleep in a bed after having a warm shower. Talk about service! Thank you.

There was no phone connection at Harsagården (at least for my cell provider) so I got to hit the sack without trying to write a daily report, slept well too!


Google map for the day here.