Rolled in to Hindås Marina and Camping this evening after another 3 days walking. Got to talking with Lasse who owns the place and he cut me a really good deal after he heard I was walking all the way to Sydney!


When I left Jönköping, I was worried that I would have to walk along the main road, with a lot of heavy traffic, but I managed to find an old train embankment to follow.



Although it was harder rolling for the mule, it was nice and quite and I relaxed. Towards the afternoon, with the sun setting behind the trees, for the first time during the walk I felt totally relaxed and in the moment.It was great!



Camped out in the woods and continued in to Ulricehamn next day. After a dinner I found yet another old train enbankment that had been converted into a cycle road leading to Borås. Spent the night camped on top of some 14th century castle ruins on the edge of lake Mogden. Cool campsite!



Saturday was spent walking to Borås where I had been offered a bed by Roberts brother Conny, his wife Marie and little Tilde. Arrived just in time for a wonderful dinner and then, wonder of wonders, I got to have a bath! Love a hot bath!

Headed towards Göteborg this morning and just outside Bollebygd I found a great old Volvo buss being readied for the annual school outing.

A quick pizza in Bollebygd and then another 2 hours walking to Hindås. At this rate I might just make Göteborg by tomorrow night..