Hua Hin, Thailand




Well, I’ve now done a bit of walking in Thailand and am enjoying it. Despite having to carry all my stuff myself in the heat and humidity. Have had a little bit of a set back in the last couple of days though, I have a case of Bali belly and have been forced to take a few rest days in Hua Hin.

When I started out from Bangkok I was feeling a bit apprehensive. I had a long walk ahead of me and the walk from the airport into the city had been tiring. Luckily it was as I previously suspected and it was the lack of sleep that was the reason for my tiredness and I felt a lot better as I headed south-west out of Bangkok.


It is a very different experience walking here as opposed to in south-wester USA. Here it is hot and humid and there is lush greenery everywhere. It was probably hotter in the USA but because it was much drier, it felt cooler. Once you get walking here in Thailand, you are soaked in sweat. It runs off you all day and your shirt is never dry. Fortunately there is always a small store/restaurant close by where you can get water. In fact, it is surprising the number of small stores, or stalls would be more descriptive, that abound. They are almost everywhere. As soon as there are a small collection of shacks, there is bound to be at least two stores/restaurants. Makes it easy when you are walking as it is possible to stock up on water often, which means that you don’t have to carry much. I’m not sure if the stores will be as plentiful as I move further from Bangkok but I suspect they will, especially in the more touristy areas.


Another big difference is the food. It is so easy to get good tasting food and it’s reasonably cheap. Feels a bit strange writing that as I sit here suffering from an upset stomach, but I suppose that was just to be expected sooner or later.


I have walked as far as 49 km in a day with the backpack and it is working well. After the first few days, I was feeling a bit of soreness in my hips from the load of the pack but that disappeared quickly and the walking is now going well. I get more tired than I did walking with the Mule, but it is completely doable. That said, I will be needing the Mule again in Australia to enable me to carry enough water. There are not a lot of small stores along the road between Darwin and Townsville!


The guesthouses have been of varied quality so far. Both as to price and quality. One of my favourites, the 2N guesthouse in Petchaburi was both cheap, clean and served an brilliant breakfast. Another favourite was the Baan Thai Damnoen Canal House, where the owner made me a gift of a sketch of me, on my way from Bangkok to Bali. Not all have been that great though..



I arrived in Hua Hin 3 days ago, planing to have a couple of rest days but have not done much more than spent the last 2 days in bed. In between running to the toilet that is…






I really hope to be able to continue walking tomorrow and everything was looking good up until just recently when I tried to eat some solid food.

Still hoping that I will feel better tomorrow though, so that I will be able to keep walking!