I just want to walk…

I am writing this just before Christmas, after finally giving in to an urge that has been bugging me for at least the 3 last months.

I’ve decided to stop riding.

It’s not that I am not enjoying being out on a long-distance bike ride. The weather could have been better lately, but the weather is going to be the same no matter if I ride or if I walk, so it’s not that.

It’s that I have not been able to find the same peace of mind while cycling as I have previously attained while walking. Not sure why that would be so, but try as I might, it is.

Maybe I have changed and am different now, and will not be able to find that state even when walking, but I hope I will. I long for the simple, minimalistic mindset that I had while walking to Sydney and have finally decided to ditch the bike, pack a minimal backpack and start walking.

So after Christmas, I’m flying back to Stockholm to park Mister in storage, repack just the basics and find a flight to somewhere warmer. Southeast Asia and India are on the cards at the moment, at least until the weather in Europe warms up a little bit and I can continue exploring the Balkans.

This in no way means that I am finished with cycling, it just means that I am coming to terms with being a walker who sometimes uses other transport, rather than a cyclist who sometimes walks. Which feels weird as I would always recommend cycling over walking as a way to explore the world for anyone who wanted to start out. There are so many benefits to cycling as opposed to walking. Much easier to cover larger distances and still have time to sightsee and explore.

But I guess I am just a walker.

I shouldn’t write “just” a walker, it’s a title I’m proud of!


I borrowed and modified the title to this post from this film with Lael Wilcox. Well worth watching!