Ilfracombe, Queensland


Winton to Ilfracombe

Another 210 km done. Four decent 45 km days to Longreach and then a relaxing half day, 30 km to Ilfracombe.

It’s been a mixed bag of days. The first day heading out of Winton was tough. Relentless headwinds and lots of dust being blown up from the dry, desert-like pastures. But the walking has been good despite the wind, the worst has been the flies. There are so many flies everywhere that I think Australia should consider fly farming. Surely there has to be a market for insect protein?

The flies make it unpleasant to stop and have a break, as soon as you slow down they are everywhere. If did not have my fly-net to cover my head, I believe I would have gone completely crazy by now…

I continue to meet interesting people. Just outside of Winton I had a long conversation with a sign writer about minimalism, traveling, tiny homes and beat-era writers. Then the owner of the hotel I had stayed at in Winton came past and wondered if I might like a cold beer.


He turned out  to be a long distance cycling enthusiast himself and we talked about travel and the difficulty of trying to make reasonable money as a freelance photographer.

I have also met a Kiwi who spoke excellent Swedish and a couple that offered me some oranges only to discover that the cupboard door in their caravan had fallen open and all their china had been smashed on the floor.

If there is anything to comment on from the last five days it is the amount of road kill. Especially the last 30 km into Longreach were horrible. There was a dead animal every meter. Kangaroos mainly, but some sheep, cattle, pigs, emus and even one wombat. I have been warned that it might be even worse heading towards Barcaldine, but I hope that is just an exaggeration.

I am camping at the Wellshot Hotel here in Ilfracombe and it is a very nice place with lots of character, in fact the whole town, even if very small, has character.

Not many photos this time, have not been in the mood to take many pictures. I blame it on the bloody flies….