I’m back! Plans for the coming year…


It’s been very quiet here on the-walk during the last year. Mainly because there has not been a lot to report on that in any way has had any bearing on what the-walk is all about.

But now, finally, I have a bit of news that means that there will be a lot more happening here in the next year or so. Or even longer, who knows?

I have been working and saving, with the long term plan of heading out on another longer trip and am now almost ready to hit the road again. There have been any number of different plans and ideas, many that almost became reality, but finally, just last week, I made my final decision. I’m heading out on a year long bicycle trip and hope to explore most of eastern Europe, the Balkans, souther Italy and Greece. To begin with!


One problem I had in planning the trip (dare I call it the-ride), was deciding what bike to head out on. Would I take Molly, the Moulton fixie and be completely unconventional, or maybe Black Beauty, the Azub recumbent and enjoy a comfortable ride without any backside pains?

Black Beauty

In the end I went with Sir, my 29″ gravel bike. Mainly because I want to be able to explore a lot of smaller trails and bikepacking routes.

In less than a month, on July the 10th, I will ride the short distance down to the ferry and take it to Tallin in Estonia. Then it will all begin. I am so looking forward to being on the road again!

You will be able to follow along here on the blog and I am thinking about returning to Instagram but have not decided yet. Either way, I am planning to document the trip both in words and to spend a fair bit of time taking some good photographs. There will hopefully be a whole lot to share!

To be continued…