I woke  and listened to the rain drumming on the tent, just like it had all night. Rather than try to pack up in the rain I hoped that the weather forecast was correct and that the rain would ease in the next couple of hours and settled back to wait. 

I have a pretty eclectic selection of audiobooks with me and settled down to listen to the one I had started the day before, Norse Mythology by Neil Gaimann. It just seemed so appropriate for this trip!


The forecast actually proved to be correct and a little after 8 I was busy trying to pack without getting everything wet. The day rolled on with food and coffe stops and a long drying siesta once the sun showed itself. 

I felt surprisingly ok, no real aches and pains, just a general tiredness and lack of energy. I had thought I would make it to Pori by eavening but the cycle path meandered through the landscape and my lack of peddling enthusiasm wasn’t propelling me along at any great rate. Anyway, the early eavening found me cycling along a forest that promised plenty of nice camping spots and I finally capitulated. 

I found a small track that led into the forest and found a quite clearing. An early night and only about 60 km done but it had been a nice day and that’s what counts. 

I finished the evening by listening to what has to be one of the best audiobooks I have heard, Sherlock Holmes the Definite Collection read by Stephen Fry. I’m a bit of a Sherlock fan and Stephen Fry makes this collection come alive like no other. 

After a while, I turned of the audiobook and just listened to the forest sounds around me, closed my eyes and fell asleep.