Johannisholm (Day 31)

As I was packing this morning it started to rain! Not even surprised anymore. Luckily it only lasted for 30 min or so and was gone before I had left Mora.

During lunch at Siljansfors a gentleman from Belgium asked me what I was doing. Apparently he had done studies in fatigue and knew a lot about walking. He was very convinced that our bodies were made to walk and our modern sedentary lifestyle is harmful to us both physically and mentally. I tend to agree and he said he would send me some relevant information, amongst which was a section from his book that explains how to walk properly. Maybe something that I should have read before the test-walk!


Continued on and had planed to reach Kättbo in time to eat some dinner at the local restaurant, but although they close at 6pm they could not serve any food when I arrived there at 10 min past 5.

Continued on to Johannislund and got soaked in a sudden downpour. Gave up the thought of camping and rented a tiny cabin.

The water level is really high in all the lakes, in some places maybe too high!

The google map is here.