Woke up tuesday morning in Eksjö Camping with the weather looking overcast but at least dry. A few short kms into the center of town and I was sitting down in Lennart’s Konditori enjoying my first cup of coffee for the day when it started raining! I had planned to play tourist in Eksjö but the rain washed away any inclination to wander around town looking at historic buildings and I donned the rain gear and set of towards Nässjö.


Found some very nice roads running alongside the main highway and if only the weather had been better, it would have been a brilliant walk through some typical Swedish countryside. Rolling green hills, tree lined gravel roads, newly shorn sheep and flowering trees.

I managed to enjoy it despite the rain.

Ate a late lunch in Nässjö and had decided to try to continue to somewhere around Forserum before pitching what I suspected was my still damp tent.Took my time, meandered along and by the time I was approaching Äng (7 km from Forserum) I was starting to slow down and feel a bit tired. As I passed, a door open in the house beside the road and I heard a voice asking, “If I was the person walking to Australia?”

Victor and Mikaela had seen me on TV and wanted to say “Hi!” and ask a few questions. They were kind enough to make me a cup of coffee and I set of again a while later, much less tired.

Carried on about 1 km past Forserum (where I bought some food) and found a likely spot in a field beside the road to make camp. The rain had stopped by now and as I pitched the tent (still damp, as suspected) I said to my self “At least it is’t raining!” The words had hardly left my mouth before the downpour started!

Quickly up with the tent and into hiding inside.

Wednesday morning and at least the rain had stopped. With only 25 or so km to Jönköping, my planned stop for the night, I could take it easy and detoured slightly to visit the Husqvarna Factory Museum.


In Jönköping my goal was Moderskeppet, where I was met by Filip who had promised me a couch for the night. I tagged along to Filip’s military training work-out but only looked, plenty hard enough work for me.



Afterwards we got cleaned up and went out to dinner, discussing films and most everything else we could think of.
This morning (thursday) I was booked to do a live appearance at Radio Jönköping P4 and the day started early. You can listen to the interview here:


Then it was time for breakfast and a short video interview for Moderskeppet that you can see here:


Then back home to Filip, pack the mule and back on the road, heading towards Gothenburg.

I really want to than Filip and everyone else at Moderskeppet for a great welcoming and making me feel right at home. Thank you very much.



As I headed out of Jönköping a car pulled over and a couple of happy guys stuck out their head to wish me well! Always nice.

You can read an earlier interview I gave to Västerviks Tidning here: