Jurkalne, Latvia

I’m having a half-day today, using the excuse that I need to write this post, but it’s really because I’m knackered. Yesterday and today have been a struggle into strong headwinds and it has been slow, hard going. I still did 85 km yesterday but that just made me more tired today, so a half-day, 50 km, it is!

I’m in Latvia and have made it past Riga! Wonders will never cease.

The riding here has been varied and the roads are generally worse than in Estonia. They are in much worse shape and have smaller or no shoulder to ride on. Still, I have been able to ride along beaches, gravel roads, and forest tracks, not only paved main roads.

The one thing that made yesterday a bit special was finding an abandoned military city. I was looking for an excuse to have a rest and saw a sign about a radio telescope a few kilometers off the road and decided to check it out. It proved to be rather uninteresting and more or less closed for lunch, but on the way, there were the ruins of what had been a large military posting.

There were still 4 or 5 large apartment blocks standing, along with a few smaller buildings.

There was also heaps and heaps of rubble. It was difficult to try to guess how large the city had been before it was abandoned.

I spent a bit of time exploring but there wasn’t a lot to see, everything of value or interest had been removed. There seemed to be somebody living there in a trailer home, that was slowly stripping away anything of value they could find.

I’m heading along the coast as I hope to get a visa to cycle through Kaliningrad, but there have been some problems..

I applied for a visa through the new e-visa system and received notification that I had a result a few days ago. The only problem is that I have to log into the visa site to see the result. Which I can’t do as my password no longer works. There is no way to reset the password and I have sent e-mails to Russian ministries, but have not got any answers about what I should do. As I am getting closer and closer to Kaliningrad, I need to decide what happens next and in the end, I have made a new e-visa application. I don’t know if that will work as it has the same passport number as my earlier application.

I should find out in about 2 days if I get a visa and I should be getting close to Klaipeda in Lithuania by then. I will either be able to cycle through Kalkiningrad or have to cycle around it or get the ferry around to Poland.

The possibility of getting a visa has changed my planned route, so I do hope it goes through and I will be able to continue along the coast and maybe even get to do the Trans Germany bikepacking route down to Berlin.

Mister is doing its job with ease, much easier than me. But there are a few things I would like to change with the equipment, would be great to have those done before I start on the Trans Germany route, but we will see when and how I have time to change stuff.

All in all, everything is going great. I always knew that the first month or two would be a bit hard as I got accustomed to the load of cycling every day. I am just a bit surprised that it’s my wrists that are doing the most complaining!