Just walking around all the time…

“Your house is just a place for your stuff. If you did not have so much god-damned stuff you wouldn’t need a house.

You could just walk around all the time.”

George Carlin talking about “stuff”.


I have finally got to the stage where my down sizing is starting to get a little bit difficult. Three years ago I was living in a four bedroom house, with a large garage and had a lot of stuff. Cars, motorcycles, tools, cameras and studio equipment on top of all the usual furniture and personal memorabilia┬áthat one tends to collect through a long active life. Most of that is gone now and I can’t say that I miss much of it.

But I may have to change tactics, it is getting harder and taking longer and longer to sort and get rid of things I don’t need.

Maybe it’s time to start living out of “the mule”, my cart, to see if it works. Can I really fit everything I need in it? The two months or so that remain until it’s time to start the-walk might be a perfect opportunity to experiment….