Kilafors (Day 9)

Last nights campsite.

Morning coffee

I had seen a sign for a café but when I got there all I found was this sign. No coffee!

Kept walking and as I approached a house a gentleman came out and asked if he could take a picture. Not of me but of the mule!


Holmsveden had a few unexpected tourist attractions. But also a café that offered Chinese. Chicken and cashews  for lunch!

I have seen a bit more wildlife the last few days. Yesterday a moose ran across the road in front of me and today I found this fellow waiting for a chance to cross.

If you look at the google map for today you will see that the pace has not been very high today. Thats only because there were speed cameras along the road. I don’t want to get caught speeding.

Have been hearing stories about a man that is walking a day or so ahead of me, heading for Mo i Rana in Norway. But everyone is quick to say that he has a cart that looks to be much more difficult to push, a 2 wheeled construction. Then they look at the mule and say “That looks a lot easier!”

The mule rules!