Klövsjö (Day 25)

Happily walked from Svenstavik in my new Fivefingers. Nice day, quite warm with a fair bit of cloud. This first section towards Åsarna was a repeat for me, I had walked the same road on my way up to Åre. Luckily it was only a short section and I was taking a different road from Åsarna.

Lunch in Åsarna at Wildmarkscafet. Excellent homemade “fläskpannkaka” with fresh baked “tunnbröd”.


Took my time and enjoyed it while having a long conversation with the owners, local guides and tourists. Found out that Klövsjö, where I was headed, was once voted the prettiest village in Sweden, something the inhabitants apparently refuse to forget!


All through the walk I have seen an untold amount of signs advertising flee markets. Any visitor to Sweden would be excused for thinking that the only things we Swedes do is travel around the country and buy “stuff” from each other. Which we then presumably sell at our own flee markets to other Swedes….

As I strolled through Klövsjö (which was a very nice place) I spotted this ski wall and decided to take a photograph. As I was snapping away, Hans, the creator, came out and after seeing the mule, wondered where I was going. We chatted for a while and I found out that he had a brother that lives in Aspen, Colorado, and he started the ski wall last time his brother was back in Sweden for a visit. He also wanted a shot of me in front of the wall and borrowed the Leica ( with a little bit of pre-adjustment by me) and took this shot.

I took the chance to photograph him and his daughter ( I think) as well.

Hans gave me some tips about a camping spot but after checking the weather report I opted for a bed, indoors. A wise decision it would prove.

The google map is here.