Ko Lanta, Thailand

wombat_20141205_0013477I have to admit that it feels like I have been having a holiday since last time I wrote….

After leaving Langkawi, I have been spending the days lazing around the tropical islands of Thailand. Not a bad life at all!


I arrived in Ko Lipe and transferred Β to the island from the ferry by longtail boat. There is no proper pier here, everybody is landed on the beach, and there is always a welcoming commitee waiting for the new tourists.



Ko lipe is very touristy, but I have to admit I enjoyed it. Warm weather, nice beach and a walking street to wander down (and not buy anything).


Then when the evening approaches, the restaurants move out onto the beach and you can relax and watch the sunset.





Or, for slightly cheaper food, you can take a stroll down walking street and watch as the food is grilled next to the sidewalk.



As I said, nice and enjoyable. But I had to move on in order to reach Krabi in time for Christmas, so I booked a trip on the speed ferry to Ko Mook. I was offered the same price for the speed ferry as the “slow” boat and thought it would be a nice change. The speed ferry backs right up onto the beach and you just have to hop on…




As we moved north, there were more and more small islands, some of them very strange looking. Basically just cliffs towering out of the sea. I would love to take a few months with a boat of my own and have a chance to explore some of them.


Ko Mook proved to be a fair bit quieter than Ko Lipe, not always a bad thing but there wasn’t even a ATM on the island and I was almost out of cash. Only just managed to scrape together enough cash to pay for one night in a cheap bungalow and pay for the ferry to Ko Lanta. At least I knew there would be plenty of cash machines there!


I was far from the only backpacker on Ko Mook, there were thousands of hermit crabs running around on the beach.


After another transfer onto the ferry, it was nice to know that Bob was looking out for my backpack.



When I arrived in Ko Lanta, I managed to get hold of Magnus and Olya. It was nice to meet up again and always good to be able to discuss travel plans with people who have a bit of experience of the area.



The days have been spent walking along the beach, swimming and even taking a mtb bike trip down the west coast.


In the evening you can sit and watch the sunset…


or take a leisurely stroll along the beach…


oe maybe even try to photograph the sunset…


After the sun sets, and it sets quickly, you can take a slow walk to the night market (if it is open, not always) and find some cheap tasty food!




Ko Lanta is a nice place if you understand that it is both touristy and very much a backpacker destination. There are more expensive, upmarket areas as well as cheaper, very basic bungalows for the backpackers. Food prices vary accordingly and it is possible to eat Phad Thai, with chicken, for anything from 49 Bath to 200. A tip, the cheaper ones have proven to be the best!



Petrol stations here on Ko Lanta are nothing more than a few bottles of petrol, displayed by the side of the road. For some reason I find the bottles to be visually intriguing. Hard to explain why…


At least, if there is ever a violent revolution here in Thailand, there will be plenty of Molotov Cocktails available.

In the next day or so I intend to head ever northwards, this time to Ko Phi Phi. I will probably spend 3-4 days there and then it will be time to find my friends in Krabi and celebrate Christmas.

As you can tell, life is good, but don’t worry, I’m still doing a lot of walking….