Ko Phi Phi, Thailand


I’m on Ko Phi Phi and the island has proven to be a little bit too much of a party place for me. At least at the moment. I’m just not in the right frame of mind for the endless, all night partying that is going on here.

Just as well that I will be heading out to Krabi tomorrow to find Anna-Maria and the others that I will be celebrating Christmas with.


There are a lot of Swedes here in Thailand at the moment, no doubt all escaping the Swedish  winter, and just before I left Ko Lanta, I managed to have lunch with Julia, a retouch and image editor I know from Stockholm. Check out her work at:


Julia was not the only person that I ran into…


On the ferry to Phi Phi I met my niece Rebecca and her family. It was not totally surprising as I knew they were in the area, but still!



This is Oliver, who just finished explaining to me that he doesn’t like vegetables. He is looking perplexed because he just tasted my mango shake, which he liked a lot, and I told him a little white lie. That mango is a vegetable…


I’ve spent the days walking around the island and it’s not difficult to see that it once was a very beatiful place. It’s one of those places you should have visited 15 years ago.


The evenings have been spent finding cheap places to eat and not buying any cocktail buckets ( I will admit to having one or two beers though!)


wombat_20141216_0013690Because I am trying to be economical, I haven’t gone on any diving, climbing or sunset watching trips, and have even managed to avoid getting a tattoo..


I have been up to the viewpoint a couple of times to watch the sunset, but it was not until tonight that it was any good. This is the view that greeted me and what felt like a thousand other tourist a few hours ago.





I am not att all sorry to be leaving tomorrow and I suspect that one of the reasons is that I am feeling a bit restless. I want to be walking more!


Can’t wait for Christmas to be over so that Anna-Maria and I can start walking across Thailand towards Surat Thani.

Just want to keep walking….